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Rallyclassics was born from searching for a realistic rally car body shell in 1/8 scale. Focusing on the DRX and LANDMAX chassies from kyosho.


I was especially searching for good body shells from the 80´s Group B rally period. Finding none suitable I set to the task of making one myself and the company My Stuff was created.


Hopefully this will adress your wishes for realistic rally body shells of this golden era.


Focusing on keeping accurate scale lines and attention to detail within chassie dimension, treating the finished look as close to original as possible.


Design, tooling and vacuumforming are all made in house.

Latest News

25.01.2016 »

Return of the redesigned Quattro !!

Featuring accurate outlines, 3d printed mirrors, extra lights, spoiler details and rims.

12.09.2011 »

205 T16 model ready for sale on 19.09.2011.

09.06.2011 »

Under development - 205 T16 Evo 2. Modell is under construction

and will be ready for sale in september.

Have sneak peak under models !!

21.05.2011 »

A new decal kit ready - MTM trim.

13.05.2011 »

New retailer in the Stockholm area!

Visit the store or buy the Quattro S1 body shell online!

For more information, please visit;

11.05.2011 »

New paint scheme´s to the Quattro Shell´s comming up!